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Weekly Stock Market Commentary 4/5/2024

By Lawrence G. McMillan

Things were rolling along pretty smoothly, with $SPX having made new all-time closing and intraday highs on March 28th. There was a little pullback at the beginning of this week, with a modest deterioration in some of the market internals, but it did not appear to be significant. In fact, by noon on Thursday April 4th, $SPX was well on its way to challenging those highs once again. Then, a Fed Governor (Neel Kashkari) made some hawkish statements and selling swamped the market.

Weekly Stock Market Commentary 3/22/2024

By Lawrence G. McMillan

This market continues to show an amazing amount of bullish strength. After having trouble at the 5180 level for about a week, $SPX broke on through after the FOMC meeting and is trading at new all-time highs once again. The 5180 levels is now support. There is further support at 5050, and since $SPX did some "work" in that 5050-5180 area for a few weeks, it is a solid support area throughout as well as the launch pad for this new leg of the rally.