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50% Off McMillan's Home Study Options Course
By Lawrence G. McMillan

We're delighted to announce a special offer on our Saturdays with McMillan: 14 Seminar Home Study Course – a comprehensive resource designed to enhance your understanding of options trading.

About the Course:

The Home Study Course is a curated collection of seminars presented by Lawrence G. McMillan, a prominent figure in options education. These seminars cover a wide range of topics, carefully organized into novice, intermediate, and advanced levels, making it accessible to traders at any stage of their journey.

What You'll Gain:

  • In-depth exploration of 14 crucial topics related to options trading.
  • Practical insights and strategies from Mr. McMillan's decades of experience.
  • Flexibility to stream the seminars or download them for offline viewing.
  • Compatibility with both PC and MAC systems.
  • Three years of unlimited streaming access, allowing you to revisit the content as needed.

Topics Covered:

The course spans a variety of essential subjects, including:

  • Novice Seminar Set (Option Basics, Covered Call Writing, Naked Option Writing, Speculative Option Buying)
  • Intermediate Seminar Set (Advanced Spreading Techniques, LEAPS Strategies, Event-Driven Strategies, Using the Put-Call Ratio, Useful Applications)
  • Advanced Seminar Set (Intermarket Spreads, Insurance Using Derivatives, Option Models and “The Greeks”, Volatility Derivatives, Trading Volatility)

Limited-Time Offer Details:

To make this valuable resource more accessible, we are offering a 50% discount for a limited period. This discount applies to the entire 14 Seminar Home Study Course package or just the Novice, Intermediate or Advanced sets.

How to Avail the Offer:

Simply click here or click the button below and select the appropriate course to take advantage of this limited-time discount. Use coupon code 50OFFHOMESTUDY if it's not applied automatically during checkout.


Investing in education is a powerful step towards improving your trading skills and achieving your financial goals. We invite you to explore the wealth of knowledge offered in the "Saturdays with McMillan" course and take advantage of this special discount while it lasts.

Happy learning and trading!