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By Lawrence G. McMillan


Leadership once again is in the $SPX Index, although the NASDAQ Composite  and the NASDAQ-100 ($NDX; QQQ) are strong as well. Since the $SPX chart is our primary indicator, we retain a "core" bullish position as long as $SPX holds  above support: 4260 (the early June highs), 4165, and 4060   the latter two being the twice-tested lows of June and May, respectively.  

There are some negative warnings beginning to appear, however.

One area which has turned negative, with new confirmed sell signals, is that of the equity-only put-call ratios.  These new signals are confirmed by the computer analysis programs that we use to analyze these charts.  Both have started upwards, with the standard ratio being more obvious to the naked eye.  As long as they are rising, they will be on sell signals.  

Another negative area is breadth.  The breadth oscillators  are both on sell signals.  The cumulative breadth indicators are also well below their all-time highs of early June.   Despite the negativity in put-call ratios and breadth, implied  volatility ($VIX) generally remains friendly towards the bulls.   A new $VIX buy signal will be setting up soon, possibly as early as today.

In summary, it is tempting to get preoccupied with the growing number of negative indicators.  However, until the charts of $SPX and $VIX alter their trends, this is still a bull market.  

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