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By Lawrence G. McMillan

There has been something of a “buzz” in volatility forums and in some media articles about a backspread strategy that is designed to take the loss out of using $VIX options for protection or speculation.  As you know, we are running a “perpetual call buy” strategy for long $VIX calls (Position S610).  Also, this week we recommended the purchase of $VIX calls as protection for stock portfolios, for those who were worried about what might happen in the event of a downgrade of U.S. debt or a failure to raise the debt ceiling.  However, this backspread strategy purports to be better because it allows you to exit before much, if any, loss occurs.  As all thinking traders know, however, there is no free lunch.  If there’s really no risk, then something else has to give.  You’ll see what we mean...

Find out about the Volatility Protection Strategy Involving Backspreads in The Option Strategist Newsletter Volume 20, Issue 14 (published tonight, 7/28/2011). 

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