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Bring your trading to the next level with McMillan Mentoring

Allow us to enable you to perform at your highest level and become a smart trader who can make money. Our students have graduated from our program successfully and given us accolades for a job well done.

Dear Larry & Stan - I want to take this time to thank you both for the mentoring program, which benefited me greatly this year. I especially must thank Stan, who went above and beyond, giving me extra time and help. My trading keeps improving and I'm enjoying it. I continue to experiment w/different types of trading, putting to use what Stan showed me, and following along w/the The Option Strategist. I like that as much for the general market commentary as the specific trades.

I keep getting ads and offers for "proprietary" trading systems. I'm mostly skeptical. If I knew a sure-fire, 100% accurate way to trade, I certainly wouldn't tell other people. I'd just quietly trade my way to riches. Am I missing something? All the best and THANK YOU! Best regards."

- B. Kallen, Minneapolis, MI

I was interested in getting a solid educational foundation on options and preferred to work with an expert one-on-one in a structured program appropriate for my knowledge and experience. I had done some reading and research on my own, attended many Webinars, and a 3 day live options Seminar presented by another company.

After the initial interview with Stan Freifeld I felt like the program would be a good fit for me, and knew that I would enjoy working with him, so I signed up for the complete program and the journey began. Stan presented information in an interesting way at a much deeper level than I have seen elsewhere. He has a passion for mentoring, extensive experience and a deep theoretical/mathematical understanding of options. At the end of the formal sessions I found that the McMillan Mentoring program had exceeded my expectations. I’m looking forward to continuing the learning and relationship.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, individualized, no-hype way to learn about options I would highly recommend Stan and the McMillan Mentoring program."

- Lee S.

If you truly want to understand options, from the inside out, than this is the program for you. Stan is an excellent teacher because he is patient, has an extremely deep knowledge of options, and most importantly he is a real trader, so he truly walks the walk. Also, he is invested in making sure you really understand the material, and I appreciated that he didn’t teach the next topic until I really understood the topic at hand.

I now have a solid foundation and understanding of options and how the options market works. I am empowered to make my own trading decisions, knowing exactly what I am getting myself into. The cost of the program was insignificant relative to the value I obtained."

- Jeffrey G.

I would simply like to thank you for your contributions to educating traders in the world of options. While I consider myself to be quite advanced from an options strategies point of view, I know that there is always something more to learn."

- J. Moschini

I would heartily recommend that anyone who really wants to trade options effectively to read your books and attend your seminar."

- D. Walls

If you are interested in options trading, forget all the get rich quick and easy 'schminkies'. Larry McMillan is a professional and very knowledgeable."

- M. Paauwe

The sessions with Stan are going great, he's an Options genius. With every session that Stan does, am realizing that I have LOTS more to learn, I could listen to him forever and learn new things on Options. You have a great team member in Stan in your team at McMillan.

Overall, Stan's been AAA+. I only wish I had started with him earlier 2 years back.

- N.Lewis

The course with Stan is absolutely amazing and he is truly a great teacher who cares a lot. I feel humbled because I thought that I knew more, but I’m so glad I took this course. I definitely look forward to continue the second part.

-D. Spasojevic

Great class! I learned quite a lot! The VIX part was amazing!"
Tons of info, presented very well as expected"
Great course. Definitely exceeded my expectations and taught me some new strategies and tactics."
This was well worth the time and money."

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