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The list of topics below is just an example. Each Complete, Level I and Level II mentoring experience will be customized specifically for you.

• Introduction (Option Basics, Definitions/Teminology, Expiration Cycles , LEAPS)
• Exciting Options News
• Fixed Return Options
• Options Advertising and Fallacies
• Market Making
• Probability, Expectation and Risk
• Expiration Graphs
• Synthetic Positions
• Conversions/Reversals
• Volatility (Definition, Types, Skew, VIX)
• Pricing Options
• The Greeks
• Put/Call parity
• Early Exercise
• Spreading Introduction - Hedging & Delta Neutral
• Gamma Trading
• Gamma Neutral
• Straddles, Strangles
• Basic Spreads (Verticals, Calendar/Time)
• Arbitrage Situations and Mispricing
• Advanced Spreads (Back, Ratio Vertical, Butterfly Puts/Calls/Iron, Condor Puts/Calls/Iron, Diagonals)
• Position Sizing and Risk
• Position Management
• MAC Trades
• Trading Platform
• Where to Start 

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