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Weekly put option sales have been added to the analyses in The Strategy Zone (SZ) and in the Option Work Bench (OWB). 

Subscribers to The Daily Strategist that follow our weekly SPY sales, are up +18% in five months, in the ongoing position that we are running in that newsletter.

Previously, we had not included weekly put sales in SZ and OWB because of the short time remaining, and because the underlying entities on which weekly options are available change each week.  But due to popular demand, coupled with the success we are having with these sales in our managed option accounts and in The Daily Strategist Newsletter, we decided to add them to the naked put selling analysis section of our data subscription areas, SZ and OWB.

The Daily Strategist weekly put sales position uses the rules we laid out in the ariticles in The Option Strategist newsletter regarding the operation of a weekly naked put selling position.  In approximately five months, the position in The Daily Strategist is up 18%, assuming a conservative investment, slightly greater than exchange minimum margin requirements as the investment required for the naked put sales.

That's a raw return by the way, up 18% in five months -- NOT annualized.  As you know, the market has been both bullish and bearish in the last five months, yet this strategy continues to excel. 

So you have three ways to take advantage of this:

a) subscribe to The Daily Strategist and follow the recommendations there: http://www.optionstrategist.com/products/daily-strategist-newsletter

b) for do-it-yourselfers, subscribe to the Strategy Zone and Option Work Bench and write the ones that you find attractive: http://www.optionstrategist.com/products/strategy-zone

c) contact us about money management for individual option accounts, to discuss how we are applying this weekly put selling strategy for our managed accounts: http://www.optionstrategist.com/money-management